Protecting the working forests of the
Catskill region of New York State
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What to Do When a Logger Knocks


Typical Scenario

Beware of LoggersThe Jones' own a farm in Delaware County.  As they were working one day, a truck rolled up the driveway.  Out jumped a man who introduced himself as a logger working nearby.  He said that every day he drives by the Jones’ place and admires the quality of their forest.  Mr. Jones replied that he likes his woodlot but doesn’t really know what it is worth.  The logger offered to walk through the woods with the Jones, and the three of them took off.  The logger showed them cherry, red oak, and sugar maple, and said the mills are paying top dollar for these species.  He then made an offer to Jones.  They started thinking of the property taxes they pay and the improvements they want to make.  They never knew that their trees were worth anything.  Thanking the logger, the Jones' said they would call him in a couple days.

This foregoing scenario takes place every day throughout the state and the Catskill Region.  There are some things that a forest owner should know before agreeing to selling their timber.

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